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Young Artist Award - 2014 Award Application

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The Anchorage Festival of Music announces its 16th "Young Alaskan Artist Award". The primary purpose of
this award is to present young, aspiring Alaskan classical performers ready to begin their professional careers in a full-length solo debut recital in Anchorage. The program also provides award monies – typically $ 2,000 to
$4,000. The Festival is committed to supporting our Alaskan youth, helping them on their way to the
professional world, and giving them an opportunity to display their talents to the public, especially in their home


Any Alaskan who is at least a college freshman pursuing a college degree or program in
music performance in an accredited institution. The applicant must be ready to perform a full length (c. 60
minutes) solo debut recital in Anchorage. (Please check out some previous winners' programs on our
website.) The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend application will confirm resident eligibility. In all matters of
eligibility or procedure, the committee's decision is final.


Download Application  - PDF

Please fill out the application form with requested materials. Enclose a high quality DVD or audio CD (or submit online)* with the application form and two letters of recommendation. One letter must be from the private instrumental/vocal instructor. The other letter may be from another musician or a community leader who is familiar with the applicant's accomplishments. (The letters of recommendation may be submitted with the application or sent directly to the Festival Office.) Application Fee of $35 must be enclosed in the packet.


All Application materials (other than recommendations) must be sent complete in one packet with
a postmark no later than Friday, May 16, 2014. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please read the rules carefully and be
sure that your program and materials comply.


The audition recording must be at least 30 minutes in length (but encourage longer). Remember that the quality and variety of your recording plays a crucial role in the decision making. All selections should be clearly marked with the following information:

  • Exact title of composition (include opus number, if applicable)
  • B. Exact movement of composition (e.g., "Movement 1: Allegro Maestoso”)
  • C. Timing of selection
  • E. Date of recording. [Indicate whether a live recording and please enclose a copy of the program.]


All of the following requirements need to be observed. Failure to do so will be cause for disqualification.

1. A minimum of three contrasting works should be performed on the DVD/CD/ONLINE SUBMISSION
representing three contrasting musical styles, chosen from the following: Baroque, Classical, Romantic,
Impressionistic, Contemporary.

2. A single movement of a sonata/suite is acceptable for the audition, but complete works are expected to be
performed on the recital if you should win. A good guide to repertoire selection would be your senior recital

3. Concertos: you may only perform ONE concerto movement on the audition. This can be either accompanied
by an orchestra or by a pianist. This concerto movement should be no more than one-quarter the length of time
for the whole audition submission. For instance, if the audition time is 40 minutes long, the concerto movement should be no more than 10 minutes long. Pianists and string players will NOT be allowed to play a concerto at their award recital. Wind, brass and percussion instruments may perform one concerto on the program.

4. No chamber music should be included in the audition.

5. No orchestra excerpts should be included in the audition.

6. Vocalists: In addition to the style requirements listed above, your audition should have examples from opera,
oratorio, and art song. Selections should demonstrate a proficiency in at least three languages.

7. Percussionists should demonstrate proficiency on a variety of percussion instruments. Transcriptions are
allowed (ex. Bach Solo Suites transcribed for marimba). See details on requirements below.

REMEMBER - This is an audition for a solo recital with piano accompaniment. The committee will want to
hear you performing principally with piano. It is our suggestion that you simply record your school recital -
either live or in studio.


The selected winner will perform a full solo recital in Anchorage sponsored by the Anchorage Festival of Music in the second half of August, 2014. The exact date will be determined after selection. Proceeds from the concert ticket sales will provide part of the funding for the award. Travel expenses to/from Alaska cannot be provided. In-state travel will be accommodated at the discretion of the committee.

If you should win, you will build a program of works in consultation with the Artistic Director of the Festival
that may or may not include your audition works. The following restrictions will apply:

Pianists: Only solo repertoire.  NO concerti or chamber music.

Strings: Standard solo works with piano accompaniment. No concertos or chamber music. One work
on program can be a solo work (unaccompanied).

Winds & Brass: One concerto and one unaccompanied work may be programmed. Standard solo
works preferred. Transcriptions will be at the discretion of the artistic director.

Percussionists:  One concerto may be programmed. Standard solo works and transcriptions with at least
one with piano accompaniment. Percussionist should perform on a variety of percussion instruments including one mallet instrument, one timpani piece, and one snare drum or multi-percussion work.

Vocalists: Please present both operatic arias as well as art songs demonstrating at least 3 languages.


A committee of prominent musicians will review the recordings. At the discretion of the judges, more than one winner may be chosen or no winner declared.


Anchorage Festival of Music
PO Box 100272
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

For questions, please call the Anchorage Festival of Music Voice mail at  907.276.2465 or email info@anchoragefestivalmusic.com.  You may also contact Juliana Osinchuk, AFM Young Alaskan Artist Program Director through email at dawsinchuk@aol.com.


Anchorage Festival of Music, PO Box 100272, Anchorage, Alaska 99501 +  907.276.2465  + info@anchoragefestivalmusic.com